What will happen if you use expired cosmetics?

Any product has a shelf life. During the shelf life, it can be ensured that the bacteria in the food or items are within a reasonable and healthy range. But once the shelf life is exceeded, it can easily cause food poisoning or allergies. Generally, when women use cosmetics, it is not recommended to use expired products. Because these expired products can easily cause skin allergies.

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Cosmetics contain a lot of preservatives. These preservatives have a use period, which is what we often call the shelf life. Although it is not necessarily unusable after the shelf life, the preservatives in cosmetics after the expiration date If the substance fails, a large number of bacteria and some microorganisms will be produced in cosmetics. What will be the consequences of applying these bacteria to your face? It can range from allergies to severe skin damage.

The chemical state of expired cosmetics is already unstable. Some lotions and various cream cosmetics will “break” due to being left for too long, and powdery cosmetics will change color. You may think it’s fine after using it in the short term, but it will cause harm to your skin in the long term. The damage is immeasurable.

The chemical ingredients in cosmetics that have expired have no effect. After the ingredients expire, the active substances in cosmetics with chemical ingredients have also changed. If it is applied to the skin, it is very likely that because of “saving” a small amount of money, you will have to go to the hospital and spend a lot of money.

Where can expired skin care products be used?

Expired facial cleanser can be used to clean parts of clothes. Collars, sleeves, and some difficult-to-clean stains can be cleaned with facial cleanser, and it can also be used to clean sneakers.

Because lotion contains alcohol, expired lotion can be used to wipe mirrors, ceramic tiles, smoking machines, etc. A relatively mild lotion with moisturizing effect, it can also be used to wipe away dandruff, bags and other leather products.

Expired facial cream can also be used to wipe leather goods and maintain leather. Creams that have not expired for a long time can also be used as foot care products.

Post time: Apr-02-2024
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